Buckyball stick, Stick Magnetic Building Toys Multi Color - 280pcs short sticks + 300pcs balls(d8mm)

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About Buckyball Stick Magnetic Building Toys

  • EXPLORE POSSIBILITIES WITH MAGNETIC BUILDING TOYS: The 33% more powerful magnets in the pieces allow for spectacular structure building. Experiment with core concepts of engineering, gravity, magnetism, and kinetics. Next level educational fun!
  • STEM MAGNETIC CONSTRUCTION BUILDING SET FOR KIDS: The magnetic building sticks in this engineering kit have polarity indicators which advance STEM educational learning. Great stimulating big kid toys for teens, boys or girls. Limitless creativity in a box.
  • EMPOWER YOUR CHILD WITH STEM BUILDING TOYS: Imagination and curiosity are CORE to learning. Geomag world magnetic toys are brain games for kids and trains the mind through the science of magnetic construction. Masterful and creative activities for kids.
  • MAGNETIC BUILDING BRILLIANCE: The advanced magnetic pieces connect together to create complex building constructions challenging the limits of the laws of physics. Magnetics to promote creativity and early engineering for kids (of all ages).

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